Soleá por Bulerías: “Comando Reus” with Jerónimo Maya´s guitar

This is the second part of the performance by “Comando Reus” with Jerónimo Maya´s guitar, which took place at Solera Flamenca Village. This time it was soleá and bulerías with the energy, purity and sound of these artists: Juan Cortes, Juanjo de Nayeli, Abraham Jiménez, Tin Cortes and Diego Amaya.

While we write these lines, we would also like to inform all of you that from this performance, apart from publishing some content on YouTube, we are releasing an album, as well. This is a project we are particularly excited about, and we are doing our part to spread these promising flamenco figures, still unknown for the audience.

We will keep all of you informed about all of it, so you don´t miss anything. However… stay attentive!