Solera Flamenca: Quarantine Contest

Hello friends and partners,

As we all know, the world is currently going through an unprecedented crisis. It is putting all of us to the test both as a society and as indidivuals, and the only way to pull through is to stay at home, which is easier said than done.

Days go by and the need to go out and meet people becomes harder. Our creativity and initiative to perform new tasks decreases, making days endless sometimes.

That is the reason why in Solera Flamenca we have thought if would be a great idea to arrange a contest which poses a challenge to you. Something motivating, which exploits and unlocks your creative side. It will help you to go through this necessary confinement a bit more easily.

For this reason, we have chosen a falsetto por bulerias by maestro Diego del Gastor, who you probably know already. What this contest is all about is to take this falsetto as your starting point, and then add your personal touch. In fact, originality is something which will be seriously taken into account to decide the winner in our contest. Now we will show you the original falsetto played by Diego del Gastor. You will also watch another version, interpreted by his nephew, Diego de Morón, and a third clip with an extra personal touch by maestro Paco de Amparo, in one of his visits to Solera Flamenca:

-Two categories have been created: PROFESSIONAL (renowned artists and performers, with more than 5 years of high-level experience) and AMATEUR.

-On April 8 , at 20h, 15 amateur finalists will be announced, and you will be able to cast your vote through our email address: during the days 8th, 9th and 10th April.

-We will upload the videos of every single contestant to our YouTube channel so everyone can watch them and cast their vote. You can access by clicking on this link: SOLERA FLAMENCA CHANNEL

-The winner of amateur category will be announced on April 12 at 13h.

-Once the amateur contest is finished, the professional competition will take place, and the 30 professional finalists will be announced on April 12 at 17h. You will be able to vote during the days 12th, 13th and 14th via email, just writing your candidate´s name in your email.

-On April 15 at 13h, the winner of the professional category will be announced.

-Jury members will select a winner for each category, among the top 6 contestants.

-The jury will be made up by five members:

  • Pepe Motos; artist and percussionist
  • Pedro Javier González; guitarist, composer and performer
  • Chicho Odena; founder of “Surmano Productions”
  • José Martínez; founder of “Fundación Aura”
  • Carlos García and Jordi Franco; founders of Solera Flamenca


– On 12 April the winner of each category will be announced.

And… What will the prize be? Well… A FLAMENCO GUITAR made by Alberto Hernández model “HOMENAJE A MARCELO BARBERO” made of cypress, which will be sent to you without any shipping cost to be paid!!

f you want to join our contest, the only thing you have to do is send us a video to our email address: or WHATSAPP to this phone: +34 625 074 876 with your personal interpretation of this iconic falseta, from today to Wednesday, 8 April 2020.