These are the new cases for our guitars!!

Ever since the very first guitars were made, cases were created, so as to properly preserve the instrument, as well as make it easy for the performer to carry it.

The case is a tool which has been improving as time went by, from the first models, made of wood, square-shaped, until the latest ones, made of a wide range of materials and styles, with prices adapted to every single budget… even though, as we all know, “It´s what is inside that matters!”

From Solera Flamenca we want to present you the three new cases that we include for the purchase of any of our new flamenco guitars, leaving the customer the free choice between any of the three models:

The Solera Flamenca model made of styrofoam with our embroidered logo. (CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS)

For lovers of the vintage we have chosen one of the cases most demanded by guitarists from all over the world.

The Martínez model, a hard case with an exquisite vintage touch. (CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS)

And for the most classic ones we have chosen the cases made by the craftsman Gabriel Muñoz, a case with a classic appearance, made of wood and covered with brown or black synthetic imitation leather. (CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS)