“UNA NIT AMB SOLERA” Con Pepe Fernández, Jerónimo Maya y Rycardo Moreno

The Flamenco Festival DE CAJÓN is back in Barcelona. During the months of October and November of this year 2021 some of the most outstanding artists of the current flamenco scene such as Dorantes, Rafael Riqueni, Antonio Carmona, Estrella Morente, Tomatito, Chano Domínguez, Jerónimo Maya, Rycardo Moreno and Pepe Fernández among others, will set foot the stages of the city of Barcelona in a great variety of shows.

On November 27 at 8:30 p.m., Solera Flamenca will be present at the festival in charge of the show “UNA NIT AMB SOLERA” where we will enjoy the art and genius of the guitarists JERÓNIMO MAYA, RYCARDO MORENO AND PEPE FERNÁNDEZ, the cante and palmas, Salao, Raúl Levia and Ana Brenes, as well as José Valencia as special guest, the percussion of David Domínguez and the baile of Karen Lugo. A show of the highest level that will make “UNA NIT AMB SOLERA” a day to remember.

We are delighted to be able to participate in one of the most important flamenco festivals in our country, the affection and dedication with which this festival is organized show that the main interest is none other than promoting and supporting flamenco culture, without a doubt, the secret of its success.

For more information about the festival and its programming and to purchase tickets, you can access the official website by clicking on the image below.