Vicente Carrillo guitars

Vicente Carrillo was born in Casasimarro (Cuenca) in 1963. He constitutes the fourth generation of a dynasty of guitar makers which had started 200 years earlier.

After his father´s death (Vicente Carrillo Cantos), his son, Vicente Carrillo Casas took over the workshop. In 1984 he became friends with Angel Benito Aguado, a guitar maker with whom he shares some opinions and advice.

In 2003 he became a close friend of Paco de Lucía, with whom he collaborated in the album “Cositas buenas” , being one of his guitars used here. Actually, there is a model of guitar signed by Paco de Lucía since 2006.

Today, and ever since Ramon de Algeciras died, (Paco de Lucía´s brother), new models are being released, with Tomatito´s collaboration.

Guitars by Vicente Carrillo are played by some of the best performers, like Paco de Lucia, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Niño Josele… and many others.