Flamenco guitar Antonio Rey´s Vicente Carrillo “Flamenco Negra” 2013

This flamenco guitar was built by the “maestro” luthier Vicente Carrillo in 2013. His experience comes from the long history of the Carrillo family, which he is the seventh generation of guitarists. For this has received the “Regional Award Craft of Castilla La Mancha” and the “National Craft” in 2010.
His guitars are famous around the world and used by major soloists as Juan Manuel Cañizares, Niño Josele, Javier Limón… Note that the master Paco de Lucia relied on his guitars for the recording of his work “cositas buenas”.

This guitar belonged to the guitarist Antonio Rey and he was rewarded with the Giraldillo “al toque” award, given by XVII Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. The guitar has also been used in some of his concerts as a soloist.

The woods are of amazingly high quality: German spruce can be found in the top, with an straight and even grain. The back and sides are made of the best Madagascar rosewood, with beautiful shades and drawings.

The sound coming out of this guitar is of amazing quality, with an incredible volume, deep and powerful in the bass strings. The trebles are vivid and bright, with great scope and sustain.

The tension is middle, making an easy but safe execution possible. Besides, a very balanced height of strings in the saddle and fingerboard provides the performer with great comfort.

The condition of the guitar is excellent and original, without any cracks or repairs of any kind.

  • Year: 2013
  • Top: German spruce
  • Back and sides: Madagascar
  • Scale length: 660mm
  • Finish: Nitro-lacquer
  • Tuners: Mechanical tuners
  • String height at the 12th fret: 3,0mm
  • Saddle height: 8,0mm
  • Nut width: 53mm
  • Distance between 1st and 6th string at the nut: 44mm
  • Distance between 1st and 6th string at the saddle: 58mm
  • Case: “Prado” brown or black
  • Condition: Excellent – original
  • Availability: SOLD