VICTOR FRANCO & DAVID DOMÍNGUEZ: “Por Huelva” from Solera Flamenca

This week we are offering you Victor Franco´s flamenco guitar. Victor is a really young guitarist with a dazzling rhythmic sense and creativity. He has become (and for a good reason) one of the most promising flamenco figures nowadays.

For this production, Victor Franco is accompanied by David Domínguez´s percussion, a true genius of the rhythm, who has worked with Chicuelo, Juan Ramón Caro, Montse Cortés, Duquende, Parrita, Alfonso Losa, Javier Colina, Marc Miralta, Carlos Martín, or Perico Sambeat, among others.

Born in Cádiz in 1999, he started playing the guitar at the age of 11, with Antonio Ferreira, with whom he would take his first steps. He would later learn Ferreira would be his mentor from then on, learning the essence of his playing, love for the melody, his taste and expressivity…

Ever since he was a kid, he fell in love with flamenco and the guitar of maestro Paco de Lucía, Riqueni or Vicente Amigo, being influenced by their talent, and quenching his thirst for music with an increasing number of role models. Through Juan Gómez he meets maestro Isidro Muñoz, who observed and corrected him continuously, thus becoming one of the most important people in his life ever since he held a guitar for the very first time. Juan Gómez, consequently, is a key figure if we mean to understand the way Victor Franco understands music. Then, he met Juan Diego Mateos, maestro from Jerez (Cadiz), whose ideas become an essential pillar for Víctor´s guitar, as well as constant inspiration regarding composition.

In 2016 he takes part in several festivals in Cádiz, along with the Juventudes Musicales (Musical Youth), accompanied by maestros Diego Villegas for wind instruments, and Alejandro Fernández and Carlos Merino for percussion.

In 2017 he becomes curious about jazz, studying in Cádiz Jazz School with teachers like Oscar Bergillos or Carlos Villoslada. In this year he gets involved in composition, already influenced by modern harmonies, and performs several concerts, this time accompanied by Jose Carlos Losada and his teacher Carlos Villoslada for Tenor saxophone.

In 2018 he joined Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, where he is currently taking Upper Studies with maestro Rafael Cañizares, also counting on some other musicians as prestigious as José Miguel Cerro Vizcaya aka “Chiqui de la Línea”, Jordi Rodriguez or Dani Pérez as jazz guitar maestro.

That year he was required by Rycardo Moreno, the greatest figure of flamenco-jazz at present, in order to take part in the recording of his latest album (Mi esencia), along with artists like Agujetas Chico, David Dominguez, Manuel Moreno, Tony Romero or David Sancho. This album will be released in January 2020, being the most important project he has ever been involved in. In addition, it is a great motivation to continue his training, now focused on composing and searching for his own personal hallmark.

In today´s production we will be offering you some beautiful fandangos he composed himself, accompanied by David Domínguez´s percussion. A video recorded in Solera Flamenca studio with a guitar by craftsman Jesús de Jiménez 2019, an incredible guitar made by one of the best makers nowadays… WE HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!