VÍCTOR QUINTANILLA & YERAI CORTÉS: the perfect duo in Solera Flamenca

A few months ago, we had the chance to try the guitar of a good friend of ours, the maker Víctor Quintanilla. We had heard of him and his great work with the wood, but the truth is that we had never seen any of his guitars.

As soon as we had the chance to try and analyze them, we realized they were out of the ordinary level, above average by far. It simply had everything: Spotless finishes, power, comfort… Our impression was so positive that we wanted to be able to offer this top-notch guitars to our customers and friends. In fact, we contacted him and arranged a visit to his workshop.

Victor kindly welcomed us and showed us the whole making process, as well as the selection of woods for the guitar making. Without thinking about it twice, we placed our first order.

After more than a year of these events, the moment we were looking forward to has finally arrived: We are bringing you the first guitar (of many to come) made by the Maestro Víctor Quintanilla. And, to put it simply: It exceeds all our expectations.

It is always difficult to try and faithfully transmit through the words and a screen all the feelings transmitted by a guitar we analyze. However, it is even more complex to do so when these feelings are completely new to us. This is what happens with this guitar: its sound is so “different”, so personal that one has to try it personally in order to fully understand what we mean by that. It does not sound like any other maker, and in the music world, this is a virtue worth valuing, as it is not easy to produce your own sound, a personal one, which, in addition, people like. All of these factors only meet in the top works of a few privileged geniuses.

As a brief biographic touch, Víctor Quintanilla is a luthier settled in Mijas, a beautiful and quaint small town in Malaga. Víctor Quintanilla studied carpentry in Escuela Franco (currently IES La Rosaleda, a high school), until his tutors put him in touch with the true maestro of the guitar making in Malaga, José Angel Chacón. Then, he would discover his true calling: the guitar.

In 2019 he was awarded the First Prize of the Antonio Marín Montero III International Contest of Guitar Making, in Granada, organized by the European Guitar Foundation, in the discipline of flamenco guitar.

When we see and listen to his guitars, their sound quality and power, the degree of perfection and refinement attained… all of it powerfully gets our attention, indeed. He is, no doubt, one of the best luthiers we hope to keep collaborating with, for a long time to come.

For the premiere of this new firm of Solera Flamenca we would not think of anything which is not thinking big, so… here you are: Yerai Cortés with the guitar of Víctor Quintanilla!

For those of you who do not know him, Yerai Cortés is a really young guitarist with a dazzling sense of rhythm and creativity. He has also become an outstanding artist with a bright future. A status which is well-deserved, indeed.

Yerai Cortés was born on 24 May 1995 in Alicante. His passion for flamenco was inherited from his family. Specifically from his father, Miguel, who taught him how to play the guitar, and also from his mother, Maria, who instilled her passion for music in him. He currently lives in Madrid, where his career would start in the best flamenco tablaos in town, like Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, Casa Patas, or Corral de la Moreria, among others. He also worked in theatres, such as Teatro de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Teatro Coliseum (Barcelona), Teatro Lope de Vega (Sevilla), and some others.

Along his career he has accompanied several great artists: La negra, La Tana, Richard Bona, Marcos Flores, Alfonso Losa, Manuel Liñan, Bautista sisters, Chuchito Valdés, Javier Colina, or Farruquito, among others. He also writes and performs songs, such as «La Zapatera» by Juan Debel & Yerai Cortes, part of the show «FlamenKlorica» by Vanesa Coloma. He is indeed a lover of good music and creativity.

In today´s production we are offering you masterful seguiriyas merging beautiful tunes and a vertiginous sense of rhythm, accompanied with clapping and “jaleos” (cheering) of Diego Amaya and Juan Mateo… ENJOY IT!!!