New reedition “Hermanos Conde 1975”: The guitar of maestro PACO DE LUCÍA

On Solera Flamenca we would like to present to our customers the new flamenco guitar model by luthier Felipe Conde: a model which accurately reproduces maestro Paco de Lucia´s guitar, which accompanied him for most of his career. With the same woods and template as the very original instrument, this guitar was made by the firm Hermanos Conde in 1975. Only 25 units of this model will be made, being an exact replica of Paco de Lucia´s favourite guitar. A guitar which, thanks to Felipe Conde´s hands, has been reproduced down to the smallest detail. (SEE GUITAR)

Felipe Conde is more than a well known guitar maker: The top representative of one of the most prestigious and mportant firms of the guitar world in Spain: Hermanos Conde. Just by saying his name, we can’t help but thinking of Paco de Lucia, always with his inseparable Hermanos Conde guitar. Pepe Habichuela, Moraito Chico, Cepero… an endless list of priceless artists with made us fall in love with their music. A music coming from the talent and genius, from inspiration. However, the instrument also plays an important part in the creative process of the musician. And this is exactly the secret of the firm Hermanos Conde: They have always managed to introduce a unique sound, different from all the rest, thus captivating the best artists of the time, and also relating to them, which was really important so as to compose and interpret their pieces.

With this new model of flamenco guitar, Felipe Conde has succeeded in the creation of an exact copy of Maestro Paco de Lucia’s guitar. The difference in sound timbre, colour and quality are almost imposible to tell. This instrument has a mature sound, something that definitely evolved, with that bouquet the best flamenco guitars acquire along the years. It is extremely difficult to combine all those qualities in a new guitar. However, knowledge, as well as unbeatable talent, always break down barriers, and this is what happened one more time, yielding spotless results.

The original plantilla and solera used for the making of this guitar, along with the most accurate tools available at present, have resulted in an unbeatable guitar, capable of making us feel and remember the music of the best artists on our own hands.