Welcome to the NEW WEBSITE of Solera Flamenca

From Solera Flamenca we would like to thank all our customers, friends and flamenco guitar lovers from all over the world for the extremely warm welcome our website has always had, from its very beginning to the present day.

Ever since we started, Solera Flamenca has always tried to offer a space where anyone could see a wide range of guitars from different makers, with high-quality pictures , covering every single detail and angle of the instrument. Besides, we are fully aware of how important it is to you to enjoy videos of the great guitar performers nowadays. These talented artists collaborating we have the privilege to count on allow us, flamenco lovers, to enjoy, see and study their playing, falsettos, and in general, getting closer to the actual sound of the very instrument, whether it is out of interest in purchasing it or mere curiosity.

All of this has led our website to its consolidation as one of the most relevant companies in the sector, despite our short lifespan. We are proud to say we have tens of thousands of visits every month, and messages of congratulation from our customers all around the world, motivating us to keep up the good work we think we have been doing so far.

Thanks to all of this, we have managed to go the extra mile by designing a brand new website: faster, with a better arrangement, more intuitive, with a higher optimization… just BETTER.

Nevertheless, we have kept the arrangement of the main menu, while adding new sections: “La Invencible”, a shortcut to our website dedicated to this dream guitar come true, and the “VIDEO LIBRARY”, where you will find every single video of our great productions, arranged by artist. Without further ado, we encourage you to “take a walk” around our website, wishing you a pleasant and enjoyable experience, just like it is for us.