“YA NO DUELES TANTO” first tune of the new musical project by Jerónimo Maya & Alba Bioque

This week we are presenting all of you the first tune of the new musical project by Jerónimo Maya & Alba Bioque, produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS. YA NO DUELES TANTO, a beautiful rumba composed by Alex Florez, a close friend of Jerónimo´s. Alba and Jerónimo have versioned this song in a very special way. We can distinguish two very different parts: the first one, more melodic, with Alba´s sweetness and warmth ; the second, a wilder one, where even maestro Jerónimo brings himself to sing the backing vocals! Meanwhile, Alba improvises the melody, showing her mastery of her voice, making all of us dance.

At the same time as Jerónimo´s latest album, PUREZA Y SOLERA, we are starting this musical project with Alba Bioque and Jerónimo Maya´s guitar, a project produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS which we have started with all the excitement one could imagine, because, even though it is not the typical flamenco singing album we could expect, there is so much purity and flamenco character in their music that it just flows naturally from them, regardless of what they do.

YA NO DUELES TANTO is the first tune, the first song of what is to come from this musical duo. Needless to say, we will keep you informed of every new release. On top of it all, there will be an album with all the tracks!

Unlike some other times, Jerónimo´s biography will not be included here, as we already know this superb artist, and we are more than aware of what a genius of music we have before us. His career simply leaves us speechless. However, we do want to make clear how much we have enjoyed such a different version of Jerónimo in this project, completely surprising us by making us discover the greatness of his endless talent, which makes him become a multipurpose artist, absorbing any musical genre and becoming one with it.

Alba Bioque is a singer, composer and vocal coach, born in Badalona (Barcelona). In 2018 she started a solo trip, musically speaking; she released her first album, ALVORIGEN. At that time, she was also chosen to be part of the singing staff for the Cirque du Soleil.

With more than 20 years of experience as a professional singer, she has leaded many musical projects, such as Voodoo, Les Carlettes, Tenderete flamenco, La Rumbeta, Bioque. As a backup singer, she has taken part in Micu, Muchacho y Los Sobrinos, Enric EZ, Tori Sparks, and Pep Lladó, among others.

Without further ado, we will now be leaving you with this production, with the seal of quality of Solera RECORDS and the magic of these two artists… ENJOY IT!!