“TANGOS DEL PUNJAB’ is the new videoclip of the imminent album “COTO CERRAO”.

From Solera Flamenca we present “TANGOS DEL PUNJAB”, a daring and novel proposal for tangos by the genius Jerónimo Maya, with the voice of the rapper Eloi Yebra, better known as ‘Ciniko’, the percussionist David Dominguez and the Beatmaker Xinkoa.

This track, “TANGOS DEL PUNJAB”, is a preview of the album “COTO CERRAO”, an ambitious recording project featuring the guitar of Jerónimo Maya produced by Solera Flamenca and Pedro Javier González that will be released very soon! In this new and interesting album by the guitar prodigy we will find a Jerónimo Maya in his purest state, with the ‘flamencura’ (flamenco groove or grace) that has always characterised his genuine and personal playing, accompanying and fusing the most traditional flamenco with the purest rap style.

In this video clip, in addition to the protagonists, we will also enjoy the purity of Katia Moro’s flamenco dance, who is a dancer from Barcelona trained with great masters such as la Tani, el Toleo, Manolete, Eva la Yerbabuena, Belen Maya, la China, Alfonso Losa… among others. A bailaora (flamenco dancer) with a stage presence that leaves no one indifferent, characterised by a expressive and vigorous dance and whose elegance and strength captivate the spectator. Undoubtedly, a dancer of race, passion and with a lot of art! She currently combines her artistic facet with teaching, as she has a degree in dance pedagogy from the Instituto del Teatro and has a long experience as a teacher.

Jerónimo Maya, a true genius of the instrument and a direct descendant of the legendary guitarist Ramón Montoya, began his musical career at the early age of five and immediately began to be recognised as a ‘child prodigy’ by the public and the flamenco community, receiving the recognition of the great masters such as Sabicas and Paco de Lucia. His playing, besides being virtuous, brims with personality and character.

His complex harmonies and musical conception are ahead of his time. He is undoubtedly the most complete artist in its full meaning to carry out this project; it is amazing to be able to contemplate him in person, up close, in that almost mystical and very special atmosphere of the creation and composition of a work. His guitar is full of energy and, at times, gives the feeling of being in front of a whole orchestra.

Throughout his career he has accompanied numerous cantaores: Diego el Cigala, Chano Lobato, Esperanza Fernández, Estrella Morente, José de la Tomasa and, more assiduously, his uncle Ricardo Losada el Yunque, Ginesa Ortega or Paco del Pozo. He has also shared billing with artists such as Paco de Lucia, Camarón de la isla or Sabicas, artists with whom he shared a close friendship.

Below we present a short biography of the artists featured in this track:

David Domínguez (Barcelona, 1980), percussionist, started playing flamenco percussion as a teenager and in a self-taught way.

He has accompanied numerous flamenco artists such as Duquende, Montse Cortés, David de Jacoba, Rafael de Utrera, Ginesa Ortega, Antonio Canales, Arcángel, Olga Pericet, Marco Flores, Alfonso Losa, José Maldonado, Juan José Suárez “El Pakete”, Chicuelo and Juan Ramón Caro, among many others.

His musical restlessness and his constant search for new sounds has led him to participate in projects of diverse musical styles, far from flamenco (jazz fusion, classical music, Mediterranean music, traditional music, etc.), in which he has collaborated with the Labèque Sisters, Joan Albert Amargós, Enric Palomar, Perico Sambeat, Marc Miralta, Javier Colina, Marco Mezquida, Joan Díaz, Lluís Vidal, Carles Denia, Coetus, Antonio Lizana, Jordi Molina, HR Big Band of Frankfurt, the Aahrus Jazz Orchestra, UMO Jazz Orchestra of Helsinki and Brussels Jazz Orchestra, among many others.

He has recently participated in the shows “Déjà vu”, “Boleros” and “Al cantar a Manuel” by Mayte Martín. He’s also collaborated in the recording and tours of “Cuatro” (Las Migas), “Mi esencia” (Rycardo Moreno), “Cant Espiritual” (Carles Denia), “Federico García” (Pep Tosar) and “El Bestiari” (Joan Díaz).

He is currently participating in the educational project Flamenkat, produced by the Palau de la Música Catalana, as a musician and musical director.

Eloi Yebra Serrano, better known as Ciniko, has spent his entire life singing and being faithful to the purest and most genuine kind of rap, the underground, the one he believes in and the one he really feels and needs.

Ciniko is considered by many to be an ‘old-school’ rapper, although he considers himself to be more ‘middle-school’, as he explains that many years before he started out in the rap world, rap was already in full swing. After many years of making songs, he made his first EP work in 2007 with Teoría del nada, a work that put him onto the national scene.

He thereafter has had a great career: Recital de Ideales (2008), Adiós 2008 de mierda (2008), Amor en tiempos de guerra with Lhanze (2009) , La teoría del todo (2011), VII with Sio (2012), Puro y duro with Delorian (2014), Classic (2015), 30 tacos (2015), Modo experto (2016), 24h (2016) and La teoría del fin (2019), where he has brought out the purest version of rap, in an attempt to place this musical genre where it deserves to be.

Xinkoa has been an urban music producer since 1995. He began his musical career producing Jesuly and was signed by Avoid Records, one of the few labels of the time dedicated to hip-hop. He released his first album as a producer with this label, featuring artists such as Zenit, Bako, Keyo, Traffik, Demasiado De, El Tralla, etc.

In his more than 20 years as a producer, he has produced artists such as Ciniko, Nadal015, Miranda, Morodo, Fyahbwoy, Shotta, Gordo Master, Spanish Fly, Ambkor, Anier, Blake, Pino, Soriano, Alba Dreid, Vicky Giraldez, Andrew Neiman, Sule B, El niño Snake and a long etcetera.

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!