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The best flamenco guitar strings

Finally, after a few months of R&D, our new project finally comes alive: GUITAR STRINGS BY SOLERA FLAMENCA. There is nothing like that in the market, we can assure it. All of you will be able to see it by yourselves: They are the best strings for flamenco guitar. ever made. If you really know us, you know we do not put our name on just any product.

PACK “Alma” by Vicente Amigo

ALMA by Vicente Amigo flamenco guitar strings

PACK «Concierto»

PACK «Acompañamiento»

PACK «Tablao»

After the firm LUTHIER closed down, we were not capable of finding strings which really satisfied us. It may sound strange, but despite the great amount in the market, there were always some factors to be improved: little flexibility, artificial sound, quick wear, early loss of performance…

Finally we asked ourselves: “Why don´t we try and create a perfect string in every sense? A string which SOUNDS LIKE A GUITAR? A string which gives out a flexible beating which MAKES OUR FINGERS REBOUND?!”

We set ourselves to research, contacting the very best string makers. They planned the product we had in mind, gave us endless samples for us to try them, until we found the perfect formula, and… here you are: THE PERFECT STRING.

“El mundo se divide entre lo rígido y lo flexible. Los que entienden la naturaleza de la guitarra flamenca, sin duda, escogen lo flexible. Las cuerdas con la flexibilidad precisa hacen vibrar la tapa armónica y con ésta toda la guitarra, consiguiendo una pulsación cómoda, un timbre natural y auténtico y una gran proyección”

We have released 3 sets only. One is for a concert, with a middle beating. The other is for accompaniment to singing and dancing, with a mid-high beating
and “Alma”, the strings created by and for maestro Vicente Amigo designed based on his tastes and preferences, with an extra comfort tension.

Personally we are not so enthusiastic about high tensions, as it is more than proved that they make the guitar wear, by excessively moving the neck, subsequently sinking the top and finally “corrupting” the guitar. I results in a remarkable worsening of the guitar and its sound, and a drastic alteration of the beating, thus decreasing the degree of comfort for both hands.

The PROFESIONAL PACK will be available in stores of the whole Iberian Peninsula, and, from the section “STRINGS” on our web, for both models: “CONCERT”, “ACCOMPANIMENT” and “TABLAO”. Below on this web you will find a list, which will be updated, with all the stores where you can purchase the PROFESSIONAL PACK and the INDIVIDUAL SET of Solera Flamenca Strings.


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