PROFESSIONAL PACK “Alma” by Vicente Amigo

“Alma” by Vicente Amigo PROFESSIONAL PACK made up of two whole sets of strings, and two additional sets of bass strings.

These strings are not a simple commercial product to which the image of an artist has been set after a commercial agreement and that has been launched to the market hoping that the image will do the job and in which not even the artist, who is image of the product, has had (or has) the intention to ever use it. We do not believe in this type of product or business. The main factor that will determine success or failure when creating a product is, undoubtedly, BELIEVING IN IT.

As you already know, at the end of 2020 we launched our own brand of guitar strings: Solera Flamenca STRINGS. It was created with the intention of forever changing the concept of flamenco guitar strings, moving away from the current market trend of creating strings with an ever-increasing tension, which end up destroying the guitar itself, as well as the health of the guitarist (we made a video about this HERE).

The result was a success in the sector, with hundreds of positive reviews from guitarists, professionals and amateurs, from all over the world.

But we wanted to go further. Our confidence in the product we had created was such that we needed to have the honest opinion of the greatest, the master, VICENTE AMIGO, to confirm that we were on the right track.

This is where this wonderful story begins and…. here’s the thing: “In order to know the essence of things, it is necessary to know their story”.

YES, we sent our strings to Vicente Amigo and he agreed to try them.

After a trial period of a few days, he gave us his opinion: “they are incredible strings but… they would be perfect if they had even less tension “. We started to introduce changes in our strings without hesitation to get an even softer and more comfortable touch that would be able to satisfy the needs of this genius guitarist. The result was not long in coming and after trial and error we got what we were looking for. A string with the same quality and sound features that we already had but with an even softer touch.

The master’s verdict after testing them was clear: “This is what I was looking for”.

To all guitarists, professionals and amateurs all over the world: We proudly present ‘ALMA’ by Vicente Amigo, the maestro’s flamenco guitar strings.

· Soft tension
· Flexible touch
· Flexible touch
· Natural sound
· Excellent feel
· Long life

· 1ª, Mi …… Nylon FLEX …… 0,71 mm / .028″
· 2ª, Si ……. Nylon FLEX …… 0.81 mm / .032″
· 3ª, Sol ….. Nylon FLEX …… 1.02 mm / .040″
· 4ª, Re ….. Bordón INOX …. 0.68 mm / .027″
· 5ª, La …… Bordón INOX …. 0.85 mm / .033″
· 6ª, Mi …… Bordón INOX …. 1.04 mm / .041″

IMPORTANT: “ALMA” by Vicente Amigo individual sets will be distributed by VALLES TRADE, one of the most important distributors in Spain and Portugal. These strings will be available in the best music, accesories and instrument stores off the whole Iberian peninsula, in AMAZON and STRINGSBYMAIL.

Price 49.50