A guitar from PACO DE LUCIA in Solera Flamenca

In Solera Flamenca we are privileged, once again, to be able to expose and offer our customers one of the guitars from the personal collection of Paco de Lucia, undisputed genius of flamenco guitar.

This guitar of the firm Hermanos Conde, 1980 has accompanied the master since the craftsmen Faustino and Mariano Conde personally delivered it in the same year of its construction until 1992, when Paco de Lucia decides to give the instrument to his brother Antonio Sánchez. This guitar has been used by Paco de Lucia on stage several times as evidenced by videos like the one we offer below where we can enjoy the ‘toque’ of the maestro in these tangos (“La Cañada”) played with this guitar with Juan Manuel Cañizares and José María Bandera.


This guitar has come down to us through the guitarist Antonio Sánchez Palomo, son of Antonio Sánchez Gómez and direct nephew of Paco de Lucia. Antonio Sánchez Gómez died in May of 2014, just two months after his brother Paco, becoming his son Antonio Sánchez Palomo the new owner of the guitar.

All the above is perfectly certified in writing by Antonio Sánchez Palomo in a document where the origin and history of the instrument is explained, and by Felipe Conde in a second document that certifies that the guitar was delivered by Faustino and Mariano Conde directly to Paco de Lucia in 1980, both documents are delivered with the instrument at the time of purchase.

A guitar with a really great sound and an incalculable historical value that can see and listen whenever you need in our website.