Flamenco guitar Alberto Hernández «Homenaje a Marcelo Barbero» with Carlos Juan´s VIP amplification system

This flamenco guitar has been made by the guitar maker Alberto Hernández. He started his career as an apprentice in Francisco Esteve´s guitar workshop. Currently, he is the Chief craftsman, in charge of the production of Juan Hernández´s Guitar Workshop and Francisco Esteve´s Guitars, taking care of the details, quality and the good work done in these two workshops, being responsible for their 40 craftsmen.

This flamenco guitar was made taking the «Tribute to Marcelo Barbero» model as a starting point. It has been added some modifications, such as the cutaway design, in order to make it easier to access to the highest-pitched notes. Also, Carlos Juan´s VIP amplification system, the first in history able to detect 2 controls (MID + GAIN) in the previous for the personal adjustment of the tones, and also two controls in the soundhole of the guitar: GAIN + TONE. This system is completely free of buzzings and external coupling, and is simply perfect for live performances or studio recordings.

With this new flamenco guitar model, we intend to provide the market with a multipurpose instrument, with excellent materials and finishes, as well as an amplification system capable of meeting the most demanding guitarist´s requirements.

Incredible beauty and quality can be admired in the woods of this guitar. The top has got a straight and equidistant grain along its whole surface. The back and sides are made of cypress, with an outstanding quality and beauty.

The sound of the flamenco guitar is extraordinary, the basses are bright but depth and open, crisp and crystal clear trebles, a perfectly balanced set, with great volume and projection.

The tension of this flamenco guitar is medium and the height of strings in the saddle and fingerboard is really balanced, which provides the performer with great omfort for both hands. Easy access to the last frets, offered by the design of the guirar, is something worth mentioning, as well.

The condition of this flamenco guitar is new.

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