ANTONIO ÑOÑO: The 1st prize of the “I Solera Flamenca International Contest (2021 Solera Award of bulería Lebrija town)”

On 30 January 2021, the “I Solera Flamenca International Contest (2021 Solera Award of bulería Lebrija town)” took place. This contest was a great success, and it promises to become one of the most exciting flamenco guitar events in our country, with future yearly editions.

From Solera Flamenca we would like to say thanks to everybody for their participation. Every artist who presented their videos to be able to qualify for the finals, and especially the eight finalists who made us enjoy of the best flamenco with their performances. We are filled with pride after seeing the extraordinary level of flamenco guitar nowadays. It is no doubt peaking at present, and we are certain its future is guaranteed.

The contest, broadcast live through the website LEBRIJA.TV, took place according to plan, except for the absence of two contestants: Joaquín Moreno and Luis Carrasco, unable to attend the event, owing to the mobility restrictions of the pandemic. From Solera Flamenca we would like to give them a tight hug, and hope to see them in upcoming editions of the contest.

The 1st prize was for a guitarist from Seville: ANTONIO ÑOÑO

The 2nd prize, for the guitarist JOSE MARIA LORITE, AKA “MACARENO”

And 3rd and last prize for the guitarist JUAN MORENO


We would also like to express our gratitude to the three jury members: maestros Gerardo Núñez and Pedro María Peña, and the journalist-writer and flamenco critic Manuel Martín. Also for the host, Manuel Curao, for his praiseworthy job, not only in this contest, but regarding his devotion to FLAMENCO in general, making this event come true, and some other ones like this, thus contributing to the continuation and recognition of our culture all around the world.

Last but not least, we also want to say thanks for the participation of every company and person who collaborated here: Sergio Garcia Producciones, Bodegas González Palacios, Guitarras Esteve, Canal Sur, Lebrija City Hall, Antonio Jero and… RYCARDO MORENO! It would not have been possible without you!

We hope to have the final in digital format so we can share it with you through our YouTube channel and our website.