«CORAZÓN MAYA»: The first official transcription of the album “Pureza y Solera” by Jerónimo Maya, is now available.

We are presenting you the transcription of «CORAZÓN MAYA», a bulería in E minor, played in copla style, which is part of Jerónimo Maya´s latest album, produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS: «PUREZA Y SOLERA».

This transcription is the first one of this new project which we are starting together, along with Miguel Garcia Sempere, creator of the website and YouTube channel “FALSETASPOR”, which plans to transcribe every single tune in Jerónimo Maya´s album «PUREZA Y SOLERA».An album which will be released at the end of this year, 2022. Some songs are being uploaded in audiovisual format onto the YouTube platform.

Currently, the market is flooded with transcriptions. Nevertheless, the minute you set yourself to learn them, you realise they are far from being realistic, to say the least. That is to say, they are really different, particularly as regards the artist´s original performance and fingering.

We have made a significant effort so as to offer all of you the most faithful and trustworthy transcriptions possible, for all of us to be able to interpret and learn the original work as accurately as possible. In this sense, Miguel Sempere´s collaboration has been essential. There is no doubt he is one of the most skilled people for this difficult task, and his long career in this field makes introductions unnecessary.

Transcriptions will be offered in digital format, through the platform “SOUNDSLICE”, which offers countless possibilities which makes everything easier: learning every work with tools and functions such as speed regulation (with no tone modification), beat repetition, simultaneous viewing of the artist and the transcription at the same time, metronome, seeing an animated fingerboard, etc

The transcriptions will be published as they are carefully edited and revised, and we will be announcing you on our web every single delivery, as well as the link to obtain the transcriptions.

Without further ado, here you are: the link to access the platform: