“DESPLANTE”, the first track of Pedro Rincón´s new album produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS

From Solera Flamenca RECORDS we are so happy to announce the presentation of the first track of Pedro Rincón´s next album: beautiful tangos, called “Desplante”, with maestro David Domínguez´s percussion.

Pedro Rincón´s album is the first of our new project at Solera Flamenca RECORDS (FURTHER INFORMATION), a project born with the purpose of offering artists a means from which they can create and spread their musical project at an affordable price. It also provides them with the tools to spread and advertise their product, with the guarantee and support of a consolidated firm as Solera Flamenca, with our recognized status at both website and Social media – YouTube level.

Pedro Rincón was born in Barcelona in 1999. He started as a guitarist at the early age of 8, with an electric guitar. However, before turning 10, he would switch to flamenco guitar.

His first times, and falsettas with his father, Pedro Rincón senior, also a guitarist, took place really early. As he had a gift for playing this instrument, he took some lessons from some maestros, such as Juan Manuel Ávila or Javier Gavara.

He has finished his studies recently, at the Liceu Music Conservatory, with the help of maestro Pedro Javier González and Manuel Granados. It is worth mentioning the fact that Pedro Rincón has become the first flamenco guitarist in history awarded with a Ferrer-Salat scholarship to take this course.

As you already know, one of our characteristics, and what really makes us stand out from the rest, is that every single tune will be recorded live, rearding both audio and video, in our own studio, regarded by many as a temple of flamenco. Live sound, no hurries, preserving this indescribable magic of live performances.

Without further ado, we will now be leaving you with this production, with the seal of quality of Solera RECORDS and the magic of these two artists… ENJOY IT!!