Jerónimo Maya: “PUREZA Y SOLERA”

We present you «PUREZA Y SOLERA», the new album by Jerónimo Maya, produced by Solera Flamenca RECORDS (Jordi Franco Carlos Garcia, Piet Vermazeren and Pedro Javier González).

This new album means turning back to the purest essence, back to basics, where we will enjoy the guitar of this genius, with the only percussion of knuckles. An album where the maestro´s musical truth and greatness is exposed, bare, without any accessories or musical arrangements whatsoever.

“PUREZA Y SOLERA” is an unprecedented fresh musical proposal in which we find a highly influential Jerónimo, musically speaking. He is, at the same time, amusing and fun, but also harmonically complex and technically superb, as expected from him.

There is no doubt Jerónimo has reached something else by composing “PUREZA Y SOLERA”: musical maturity, that degree of knowledge, expression and communicative skill which all allow him to directly connect with the heart and soul of his audience.

As you know, this album is completely recorded live, at Solera Flamenca studio. On YouTube all you will be able to find every single tune on video. Besides, you can already enjoy this album in digital version on the most popular music platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify… etc.

Another project we are announcing you is the transcript of all songs from the album at the same time they are being released. In fact, many of those are available on the platform “SOUNDSLICE”. (SEE AVAILABLE TABS)


1- Corazón Maya (Bulerías)
2- La Alegría de mi María (Alegrías)
3- Soleá p’a mi Compadre (Soleá)
4- La Luz de Aurora (Fandango de Huelva)
5- Tablao de la Morería (Bulerías)
6- Mara (Seguiriyas)
7- Con mi Maestro (Bulerías)
8- Tango a Lucas (Tangos)
9- Mi Leo (Tarantas)

Price 16.00