How and When you MUST replace the strings of your guitar. NEW VIDEO BY PITUQUETE!!!

The guitarist Andrés (aka Pituquete) published a new video on his channel, where he explains us in detail how and when to replace the strings of our guitar. It is a video full of tips and little details, which we consider to be really valuable for guitar performers. Replacing our strings is often taken for granted, but it directly influences our playing, the sound quality and even the very health of our instrument!

When we mention Andrés ‘Pituquete’ and his channel ‘Buscadores de la Guitarra’ (The Guitar Searchers)we are talking about pedagogy and teaching of the highest level.Many channels in YouTube offer tutorials with didactic content aimed at the flamenco guitar enthusiast but from all of these there are very few which stand out .’Buscadoresdelaguitarra’, however,is one of them!

We are very excited about this review of our strings as we have always admired Pituquete ,the quality of his channel and the work he has been carrying out in the world of teaching over a period of years.His explanatory tutorials have served as a guide to a multitude of fans from all over the world (among which we include ourselves)and also to many great current flamenco guitarists. As you already know,in Solera Flamenca,we love to recommend the best to our clients and friends and Pituquete and his teaching platform are in that category.

Andres Hernández ‘Pituquete’ is a guitarist who was born in Chile and is now residing in Cádiz.Pituquete has earned his place in the current world of flamenco .He has learnt from the best guitar maestros,he has accompanied the best artists.He has more than 20 years of experience as a professional flamenco guitarist and teacher,and he has combined all his knowledge in the courses of Buscadores de la Guitarra .