I Certamen internacional Solera Flamenca (Año 2021 premio Solera por bulería ciudad de Lebrija)

In last year 2020 on Solera Flamenca we spoke to the guitarist Rycardo Moreno about the idea of arranging a flamenco guitar contest. It would not be just any contest, but a really special one. As a result of this meeting, after long hours spent on the formulation and rules, the «I Solera Flamenca International Contest” was born (Lebrija City 2021 Solera Award of bulerias).

At the same time we decided to arrange a painting contest for the selection of an artistic work which would represent the contest. This contest has had a wonderful welcome, and finally we decided the winner would be OSCAR DUARTE, whose work will be presented today, 21 December 2020, at 11:00h in the press conference which took place at «La Casa de la Cultura de Lebrija» for the presentation of the contest. By writing these lines, we would like to congratulate the winner and express our gratitude to all the artists who took part in this contest.

This contest, which will take place at the”Teatro Juan Bernabé” de Lebrija on 30 January 2021, is an original idea of Jordi Franco and Rycardo Moreno, and is sponsored by «Solera Flamenca» & «Solera Flamenca Strings», as well as «Bodegas González Palacios» and Lebrija city hall, with Sergio García Productions. It will be presented by the journalist Manolo Curao, renowned journalist which has devoted almost his whole career on Canal Sur flamenco, directing and hosting plenty of radio programmes, such as the Honour Giraldillo of Seville Biennial, the Award “Flamenco Hoy” and Ondas Award 2010 for the programmes of flamencoradio.com, apart from being part of the Advisory Council of Seville Biennial of Flamenco.

Now we will show you its rules:

1. Registration:

Guitarists of any sex or nationality can register.

They must send a video to the email soleraporbuleria@gmail.com, interpreting an unpublished bulería of their own composition, maximum 5 minutes long. If it is a little longer, only the first five minutes will be taken into account.

Videos can be sent from 21 December 2020 to 18 January 2021.

As regards the assessment criteria, they are as follows:

a) Composition and originality.

b) Rhythmic sense.

c) Creativity.

d) Quality and cleanliness of sound.

After the down-to-detail analysis of the videos received, the jury will carefully select the 10 best bulerias, and will communicate the candidates their qualification to the finals, via email.

2. Finals

10 guitarists will be in the final of this contest, which will take place on 30 January 2021, at the cellar González Palacios, located in 60 Consolacion Street, postcode 41740, Lebrija (Sevilla). Due to the COVID-19 issue, an instrument will be provided to the performers, as an authorization for their transport.

A video of each finalist qualifying to the finals will be uploaded to our Solera Flamenca Youtube Channel, regardless of the eventual winner of the contest.

For the final, all the finalists will have the chance of counting on the accompaniment of palmas (clapping) of Manuel Valencia and Juan Diego Valencia.

Solera Flamenca will offer all the finalists a set of 5 guitars for them to have the chance of presenting their tunes with any of them, should they consider they can benefit from this choice. Obviously, this is not compulsory, but only a supporting option for finalists who may choose to use it.

Transport and lodging expenses, as well as any other kind, caused by the contestants´ participation in this contest will be the their responsibility, even though the Organization will make it easy for the contestants to obtain lodging discounts.

The ten finalists will win a “PROFESSIONAL PACK” of guitar strings SOLERA FLAMENCA STRINGS valued in 45 €.
The final will be hosted by Mr Manuel Curao, and broadcasted live on Canal Sur Radio and Lebrija TV.

3. Prize

The winner of the final will win the Award “SOLERA POR BULERÍA CIUDAD DE LEBRIJA” and A THOUSAND EUROS (1.000 €).

The second will receive a prize of TRESCIENTOS EUROS (300 €).

The payment will be made through a bank transfer to the bank account indicated on the registration form.

The third will win a place in the next Caracolá of Lebrija.

The 3 first contestants will also enjoy as part of their prize a soloist concert they will perform in next course of Gerardo Núñez and Carmen Cortés in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz).

4. Jury

The selection of the ten finalists will be carried out by a jury made up of 9 people, whose identity will be revealed after the contest is finished.

The jury of the final of this contest will be made up of renowned people in the world of flamenco. In particular, the guitarists Gerardo Núñez, Pedro María Peña and the journalist and flamenco critic Manuel Martín.

The jury will be present during the final of the contest.

The verdict of the jury, not subject to appeal, will be communicated, after deliberation of the jury, the same night of the celebration of the final.

5. Organization

This contest is an original idea of Jordi Franco and Rycardo Moreno, and is sponsored by «Solera Flamenca» & «Solera Flamenca Strings», as well as «Bodegas González Palacios» and Lebrija city hall, with Sergio García Productions.

The organization reserves the following rights:

a) Modify the date and location of the final.

b) Cancel the contest because of an act of God, or in the event of having less than 10 contestant for the final.

c) Recording of the final of the contest in audiovisual format, of the performances of the contestants, which will be used for broadcasting on the Youtube Channel of Solera Flamenca.

From Solera Flamenca we continue reinventing ourselves in order to contribute to the projection and expansion of the flamenco guitar and its musical culture… WE WILL KEEP ON FIGHTING!