Inauguration and presentation of the monument to Manolo Sanlúcar

Last 31 May 2022 we attended the inauguration and presentation of the monument to Manolo Sanlúcar, a really special monument in his hometown, Sanlúcar de Barrameda. This event counted on the presence of this genius of flamenco, and was organized by the Aura Seguros Foundation of Flamenco Arts, with the collaboration of the local city hall.

At first, the statue was commissioned to the sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, but being a hyperrealistic work, it was finally Manuel Martín Nieto who would carry it out. This sculptor from Morón de la Frontera is one of the artists responsible for the naturalist appearance in the evolution and transformation of Neo-Baroque sculpture in Andalusia during the first two decades of the 21st century.

(Pedro Muriel, Manolo Sanlúcar and Jordi Franco)

This beautiful enterprise comes from José Martínez, president of the Aura Seguros Foundation, and comes from his best intentions, and the need for recognition to a true legend of flamenco today, such as Manolo Sanlúcar. It is a true privilege to have the chance to be part of this foundation, Aura Seguros, as one of the patrons and supporters of this project. We would also like to express our gratitude to José Martínez for his contribution to the flamenco world, and the promotion of this culture.

The inauguration of the sculpture has been witnessed by the mayor of Sanlúcar, Víctor Mora; the president and board of Aura Seguros Foundation of Flamenco Arts, José Martínez Talavera, Paco Garfia, Carlos Miño, José Mª Parra and Jordi Franco; the director of the Andalusian Flamenco Institute, Cristóbal Ortega, and Isidro Sanlúcar, Cristina Hoyos, Juan Carlos Romero, Carmen Linares, Miguel Espín, Tino Di Geraldo, Juan Manuel Suárez Japón or Ignacio de Amparo, among other personalities.

(Jordi Franco, Isidro Sanlúcar, Pedro Muriel and Juan Carlos Romero)

Manuel Muñoz Alcón (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 21 November 1943), also known as Manolo Sanlúcar, is no doubt one of the most important figures of flamenco in history. Along with Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo or Rafael Riqueni, among others, he is one of the personalities who influenced most the flamenco guitar since the second half of the 20th century (in Manolo´s case, he still does).

His style goes between purity and avantgarde, with no need to look for influence of other genres, but simply beginning from the very roots.

Gifted with exceptional musicality and technique, each performance of his was a superb masterclass of guitar, mastery, art. His astonishing technique does not make virtuosity a goal “per se”, but it sublimes it in order to communicate deep emotional qualities.

Now it is time for us to say goodbye, but leaving this beautiful tune from his album “Tauromagia”.
Enjoy it!