Jerónimo Maya

Jerónimo Maya, a real guitar genius, and a direct descendant from the guitarist Ramón Montoya, started his musical career at the early age of 5. He was immediately recognized as a gifted child by the audience and the flamenco community, and whose worth was recognized by great masters, such as Sabicas or Paco de Lucia. His playing is full of personality and character, as well as virtuosity. His complex harmonies and his conception of music are definitely forward-thinking.

He has accompanied many singers: Diego el Cigala, Chano Lobato, Esperanza Fernández, Estrella Morente, José de la Tomasa, and more frequently his uncle Ricardo Losada el Yunque, Ginesa Ortega or Paco del Pozo, as well as sharing stage with artists such as Paco de Lucia, Camarón de la isla or Sabicas, who were friends as well as colleagues.

Jerónimo Maya & Tobalo: “BULERÍAS”

Jerónimo Maya & Tobalo: “EL PLANETA”


Jerónimo Maya & Salao: “SOLEÁ”

Jerónimo Maya & Salao: “BULERÍAS”


Jerónimo Maya, Rycardo Moreno & Pepe Fernández: “BULERÍAS”






Jerónimo Maya & José Valencia: “GRANAÍNA”

Jerónimo Maya, El Galli & Kiki Cortiñas: “SOLEÁ”