Jesús de Jiménez: Segunda Época

From Solera Flamenca, we would like to show our customers Jesus de Jimenez’s two first guitars from this period. This naming will appear on the labels on new 2018 guitars, making a difference in this luthier’s career, as it means his instruments have reached a degree of perfection never attained before, as regards comfort, sound, or personality. It has thus become one of the best options in the market nowadays.

Ever since our very beginning, we have always kept in touch with this craftsman, trusting his intruments, aware of the sound and making quality they have. Jesus de Jimenez has always succeeded in providing his instruments with their own personality, which is the hardest and greatest virtue in a luthier’s career: Creating an instrument which can be told from the rest, recognizing the maker just by listening to it.

In his new guitars, belonging to the “Segunda Época” of his career, Jesus de Jimenez improved an already great instrument, accomplishing a superb one, by introducing slight structural modifications, with which he obtained several improvements in the comfort, sound quality and volume, apart from a really personal and particular sound.

Solera Flamenca has the privilege of having the premiere to expose the Second Period’s two first guitars to the whole world. Two magnificent guitars of the highest level which you can see and listen to on the “New Flamenco Guitars” section on our web, played by Maestro Pedro Javier Gonzalez. These guitars are available right now for all our customers.