John Ray: The new replicas of Torres´s “La Invencible”

All of you will very soon enjoy the availability of two new replicas of our guitar “La Invencible”, by Antonio de Torres, on Solera Flamenca, of course. These replicas have been made by the luthier John Ray.

As it has been mentioned previously, we have counted on the help of some of the very best guitar makers all around the world: John Ray, Simon Ambridge, Felipe Conde and Gabriele Lodi. Each craftsman has performed a down-to-detail study of the original guitar in question, in order to reproduce with utmost precision every single detail of this historic instrument: thickness of woods, dimensions, bracing, wood grained, pluck… everything has been perfectly analyzed so as to provide the customer with a perfect replica of the instrument, capable of making them feel they do have on their hands the very guitar Antonio de Torres made: “La Invencible”.

This project will be comprised of three units which will be made by each of the guitarists above mentioned. It will thus be a set of nine exact and exclusive replicas, being launched along 2018 and 2019.

We inaugurated the project with a first replica made by Simon Ambridge: A real gem which was sold shortly after being launched. We will very soon receive two new ones. Other two masterpieces, made by master luthier John Ray, which will indeed delight the most demanding guitar lovers and collectors.

John Ray moved to Granada on the late 80s, moved by the status of the city as one of the most important landmarks as regards flamenco guitar making. He went there dreaming of making his own guitars, and had the privilege of starting his learning process with exceptional teachers, such as Jonathan Hinves, José Ángel Chacón and Maestro Antonio Marín, always having his great friend and maker Rolf Eichinger by his side, while also having his invaluable support and advice.

John Ray has always been sure about the need for the knowledge of the origins of the guitar, if one really intends to evolve. As a result, his guitars have been designed, made and developed taking as the starting point the study of the great historical guitars by Antonio de Torres, Marcelo Barbero, Santos Hernández and Lorca. He finally managed to attain a unique style with which he has filled his instruments with extraordinary sound quality and comfort. That is indeed the main reason why many of the very best classical and flamenco guitarists all around the world are highly interested in his superb instruments.