José del Tomate

José Fernández, also known as “José del Tomate” was born in Almeria in a family of artists. His father, Tomatito, and his great-grandfather, Miguel Fernández Cortés “El Tomate”, have been part of his artistic inspiration. He recognizes Sabicas and Paco de Lucia as influential artists on his music, but not as important as his uncle, “el Niño Miguel”.

Despite his short age, this young artist has been gifted with a superb technique and a completely unusual sense of rhythm, all of which proves he took after his father and mentor: Tomatito, who managed to pass on the necessary values and knowledge to his son, allowing him to break through the same path Tomatito himself took, just like some other flamenco geniuses, such as Paco de Lucia or Camarón de la Isla did so they could go down in history.