Juan Diego Mateos, TRIPLE production on Solera Flamenca!

This week we are bringing you Juan Diego Mateos´s flamenco guitar. A triple production by this maestro of the guitar, with a really long career. A luxury production for the premiere of the recent signing of Arcadio Marín´s guitars in our catalogue.

Juan Diego Mateos was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) in 1969. He started in the typical playing from Jerez with local maestros, such as El Carbonero and José Luis Balao. Juan Diego submerged into the study of flamenco guitar when he was only 10. He would complete his training with Manolo Sanlúcar, and regarding harmony, with Luis Balaguer.

Enrolled in Albarizuela´s chldren ballet, he gave his first international tour. This way, he would start a solid career in accompaniment to dancing, which would develop after moving to Madrid in 1989. Juan Diego then joined Rafael Aguilar´s troupe, interpreting ‘Carmen’.

Later, he would work with Luisillo in ‘Luna de sangre’, composing the music, and becoming part of Joaquín Cortés´s troupe. He also composed dancing pieces for Antonio el Pipa (Herencia gitana) and for Antonio Vargas (La casa de Bernarda Alba). Also, he would accompany dancers like Joaquín Grilo, Juana Amaya, Merche Esmeralda or Antonio Canales, among others.

As a studio guitarist, Juan Diego recorded some works with Remedios Amaya, Jorge Pardo, Sorderita, Pepe de Lucía…, accompanying many of them in live performances. Several unconventional artists, such as Tomasito or María Jiménez, require his work occasionally.

Juan Diego released in autumn 2003 his first solo album, ‘Luminaria’, where several renowned musicians collaborated: Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Remedios Amaya or Diego Carrasco. This album would award him the National Critic Prize in 2003 for the best New guitar álbum.

In 2005 he received the Prize to the Best Original Music for dancing at the XIV Contest of Choreography of Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Madrid. This music was created for the piece “Todo lo Perderé”, by La Calabaza Danza Theatre.

As a guitarist and composer, he was hired by the BOSE firm for the recording of the documentaries “Halifax-Canadá” and “Diez días en Madrid”, which promote Hi-Fi sound systems of BOSE stores in 32 different countries. He recorded his second album in November 2009, in Boston, with the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra, with the collaboration of the musicians Lenny Peterson and Guillermo McGill.

He was part of the band “Mixto Lobo” and “Vientos Flamencos”, and he accompanied artists as prestigious as Remedios Amaya. He composed the piece “Musiquitas”, along with Antonio Soteldo, for the dancing piece for children “Un regalo inesperado”, by La Calabaza Danza Theatre / Sandra Bonilla, interpreting that musical piece live.

He composed, along with Antonio Soteldo and Alex Berti, the Concierto de Andalucía, premiered in Miami in March 2012, with Miami Symphony Orquestra (MISO).

In today´s triple production we are offering you three masterful bulerías in different tones. Three beautiful compositions, recorded with two guitars made by the luthier Arcadio Marín in 2020. A “blanca” one and a “negra” one, accompanied by the palmas and jaleos of Juan Mateo and Diego Amaya… ENJOY IT!