Juan Requena

Juan Francisco Requena Barrionuevo, stage named Juan Requena, was born in Málaga in 1975. He started his career in his homeland at the early age of 16, working in several ballet and flamenco tablaos. Aged 19, he moved to Madrid, where he started working in a ballet company with Rafael Aguilar, Domingo Ortega, Alejandro Granados, Mariano Cruceta, Belén Maya, Yolanda Heredia, Belén Fernández, José Maya, La Chunga, Tomas de Madrid, Diego El Cigala, Guadiana… He also worked as a second guitar of Maestro Víctor Monge “Serranito”, etc.

With a very personal style and a spotless technique, this artist has managed to be respected by both the audience and the rest of leading figures of the flamenco panorama nowadays, all of which leaded him to be the main guitarist in different shows with great artists, such as Hiniesta Cortés, Isabel Bayón, Pastora Galván, Rafaela Carrasco, Joaquín Grilo, Manuela Carrasco, Farruquito, La Moneta, El Farru, Rocío Molina, Daniel Navarro, El Carpeta, La Farruca, etc. and cantaores such as José Valencia, Duquende, Potito, David Lagos, El Londro, José Ángel Carmona, Rafael de Utrera, La Tana, Arcángel, Remedios Amaya, La Fabi, Juan José Amador, Pedro el Granaino, etc.

Juan Requena & José de Mode: “TANGOS”

Juan Requena & José de Mode: “SOLEÁ”