“La Chana”: The Movie

The film, directed by Lucija Stojevik, goes through her artistic and personal life: Antonia Santiago Amador, also known as La Chana, was raised in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona), in a humble gipsy family, where she learnt to dance in family celebrations, and listening to the radio. She started in his uncle’s flamenco tablaos (his uncle was a profesional guitarist). Her wild and fast style, full of energy, made her a natural relief for Carmen Amaya.

Peter Sellers discovered her in Los Tarantos (Barcelona), hired her for his movie “The Bobo” (1967) and invited her to work in Hollywood. According to the documentary, her husband did not allow her to go there, just like he wouldn’t let her do so many things. Actually, in the late 70s, when she was peaking, she was forced to quit dancing.