Manuel de la Luz is getting his latest album ready: “Mi Clave”

This guitarist from Huelva is preparing the release of his latest work “Mi Clave”, an album which collects the creative essence of this maestro of the sonata, who has become, on his own merits, one of the top flamenco figures nowadays. In this album , which will see the light really soon, one will find incredible musical maturity and expressive skills. Now we will show you an advance of this album, “Mi Clave”: a rumba with an avantgarde style which, besides, is naming the album itself… ENJOY IT!

Manuel de la Luz was born in Huelva in 1980. He learned to play the guitar as a child, but when he was 16, he started playing, accompanying several Andalusian artists. Aged 22, he moved to Seville to devote himself to guitar playing. Along his career he has worked with artists such as Niño de Pura, Gerardo Nuñez or Manolo Sanlucar, with whom he has also learned in his latest album (to be released soon). He has accompanied singers as prestigious as Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, La Susi or Lole. He has taken part in editions 2004 and 2006 of Seville and Malaga Flamenco Biennials with the show “Siete Mundos”, being hugely successful in both events. In November 2010 he started his show “Entreluces” in Joaquín Turina Concert Hall (Seville) and in December he presented it again in Huelva´s Gran Teatro, with both venues absolutely crowded, and wonderfully reviewed.

Since 2004 he has been touring around the world with the flamenco ballet “Eva Yerbabuena” , one of the leading figures of flamenco dancing nowadays. With them, he has visited the best theatres and concert halls around the world, such as Teatro de la Zarzuela, New York´s City Center, Mexico´s Bellas Artes , Sidney´s Opera House and Paris´ Chaillot, to name just a few. He participated in the company “El Ciclo Lorca y Granada” 2011 with the show “Federico según Lorca” in July and August. Apart from being part of the Flamenco Ballet “Eva Yerbabuena”, he has worked in several shows of well-known artists, like Joaquín Grilo or Manuela Carrasco, as some outstanding figures. He was a finalist of Jerez International Guitar Contest 2009. He has also taken part in ”La Obra Didáctica para la Guitarra Flamenca” (Teaching Volume for Flamenco Guitar), directed and produced by maestro Manolo Sanlúcar.

He has worked as a musical director of Andalusian Flamenco Ballet in 2012, again participating in “Ciclo Lorca y Granada” composing the music of the show “Llanto por la muerte de Ignacio Sánchez Mejías” , dedicated to the poet.

In 2013 he would take part in a new dramatical-musical show directed by Carmen Linares, called “Que no he muerto”, again dedicated to the poet from Granada Federico García Lorca. Here he adapted the “Old Popular Songs” Lorca collected and harmonized. In August 2014 he worked with the Baltic Orchestra (they would work together again in 2015), making his own music, as well as interpreting Manuel de Falla´s works in Festival of Sion (Switzerland).

On 15 September 2014 Manuel de la Luz lanched his first album, “De la Luz” in Seville 18th Flamenco Biennial, accompanying the singer Manuela Carrasco and Miguel Poveda. “De la Luz” was widely praised by the critics and his album was one of the best-regarded ones in 2015. Now we will be showing you “Como Tiembla el Agua” (part of this first album), a beautiful tune to the beat of bulerias, featuring Diego Amador.

Huelva´s 42nd edition of the Ibero-American Cinema Festival, has counted on Manuel de la Luz in “La guitarra vuela”, competing in the New Producers section ,and also “Las Cocheras del Puerto de Huelva”, in what was the premiere of this film in Spain. This is why the directors of the film and Iberia (sponsor airways of the Festival) wanted to turn this event into a special event, bringing ‘La Maestro’ to the city (a guitar specially made for maestro Paco de Lucía) , as well as arranging a brief concert after the film, in which the local artist played that legendary guitar, thus paying a tribute to the mythic Paco de Lucia.

In March 2019 he offered a solo concert in Teatro Real, Madrid. In April 2019 he took part as the musical director of the show “Poema de Cante jondo”, along with the singer Esperanza Fernández and the prestigious actor Antonio Dechent. He is currently working on his second album, “MI CLAVE”. In this work he reflects the great moment he is living, both personally and professionally, facing the future with great enthusiasm. For this album, he counted on some special collaborators, such as maestro Rafael Riqueni, a current leading figure in flamenco guitar nowadays, who has just produced his latest album, “Herencia”, to be released soon.

More information can be found about the artist and his music on his website as well as on Spotify and YouTube.