Manuel Montero: Alegrias with Solera

This week we are bringing you Manuel Montero´s flamenco guitar. He is one of the best guitarists and guitar teachers in our country, delighting us with beautiful alegrias he composed himself. Here he shows all of us his superb technique and expressivity.

For this recording, Manuel Montero has been accompanied by the clapping and cheering (palmas y jaleos) of Diego Amaya (Chicuelo´s son) and Juan Mateo, a true genius of rhythm who has worked with artists as well-regarded Chicuelo, Juan Ramón Caro… among many others.

Manuel Montero is a flamenco and classical guitarist. His work as musical director has led him to travelling around more than 20 different countries, with very different projects: several varieties of flamenco, Latin music, electronic, classical, world music or jazz, for example. He has been internationally awarded 8 times as a guitarist and composer.

In addition, he has a 15-year experience as a teacher, offering private tuition, as well as for groups, and workshops in many countries, too. Manuel develops a work system stemming from the theoretical basis – supported by his scholastic training- allowing the understanding of multiple disciplines regarding the guitar world. His classes can adapt to any level, and these classes do not just aim at flamenco guitar, but also at the guitar as an instrument, the guitar in general.

Manuel Montero is very well reviewed by the specialized press, which mention “excellence in his compositions” by authorities like Norberto Torres or Manolo Sanlúcar. His work has taken him around more than 20 different countries, as well as several tours all around Spain as part of the Theatres Network of Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, and Valencia. Also, people have had the chance to enjoy his music in Flamenco Cajon Drum Festival (Barcelona), G.P.S. (Girando por salas), World Musics Meeting Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, or Cultura en Gira (Barcelona).

Currently, he works with the prestigious guitarist and performe José Antonio Rodríguez, taking part in the show in some of the most prestigious festivals and stages all around the world.

Among his many awards both as a guitarist and as a composer, it is worth mentioning:

1st Prize Classical guitar, awarded by Centro Cultural de España (Costa Rica)
1st Prize Niño Ricardo to the best guitarist of international concert (Spain)
1st Prize Sabicas to the best concert guitarist and singing accompaniment (Spain)
1st Prize from A.I.E. (Performers, interpreters and artists society in Spain)
1st Prize for the best music for a photographic short (NYC, USA)
National Prize ACAM for his CD “SOLO” as the best instrumental album of the year.
Finalist in Flamenco National Contest in Córdoba (Spain).
2nd Prize Sabicas for the best guitarist of the concert and accompaniment to singing (Spain)

In today´s production, we are offering you spotless alegrias, accompanied by the cheering and clapping of Juan Mateo and Diego Amaya. The video was recorded with a guitar made by the luthier Jesús de Jiménez, in 2019. An incredible guitar, with powerful and flamenco sound, just like our protagonist´s art.