Manuel Parrilla

Born in Jerez, nephew to one of the most prominent figures of flamenco guitar (Parrilla de Jerez), this artist, Manuel Fernández Gálvez, aka “Manuel Parrilla”, is one of the most representatives figures of flamenco guitar panorama nowadays. His particular sense of rhythm and his endless creativity make him one of the most respected and admired guitarists today.

Manuel Parrilla is a regular guitarist of artista of the stature of Joaquín Cortés, La Tati, La Macanita… among others. His music is in plenty of recordings made by artists who want him in their work and shows. There´s no doubt that he is one of the most influential guitarists today.

His playing and way of expressing himself is a reference to follow for both present and future generations of flamenco guitarists, a touch where we find new harmonies that enrich our flamenco without ever losing its character, which unfortunately is customary today.