Flamenco guitar Manuel Reyes 1994

This flamenco guitar was made by the master luthier Manuel Reyes in 1994. His guitars are regarded as pieces of work, and him, as one of the greatest luthiers ever. In fact, his guitars have been (and are) played by some of the best performers ever: Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Jose Luis Postigo, Manolo Franco, and so many others.

The woods of this guitar are marvellous. The German spruce top has got a perfectly even and straight grain. The back and sides are made of cypress, also with a high-quality straight grain. The finishes are the typical in Manuel Reyes work: simple but elegant.

Once more, we have the chance to enjoy a guitar made by this genius craftsman on Solera Flamenca. Needless to say, we get really excited every time we have the opportunity to acquire one of these gems! As we have explained some other times, Manuel Reyes´s guitars undergo a certain acoustic evolution, a quite remarkable one, resulting in guitars which are true musical gems. This one is no exception: an instrument with a highly flamenco timbre, so typical and characteristic, which reminds us of maestro Vicente Amigo, with a scope and volume typical of the very best concert guitars.

The tension is medium, and the height of strings in saddle and fingerboard, perfectly balanced, so it is quite a comfortable guitar for both hands.

The condition of this guitar is excellent and completly original, only has a tiny fissure in the upper side practically indistinguishable, perfectly repaired and documented in the attached images (probably the master luthier Manuel Reyes meant to secure this superficial fissure during the making of this guitar in order to prevent the zone from being affected by a crack). The shellac has been slightly repolished by the master restorer Yuris Zeltins.


Additional Information



German spruce

Back and sides


Scale length

654 mm


French polish



String height 12th fret

2.7 mm

Saddle height

8.6 mm

Nut width

54 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

45 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

58 mm


1320 gr


Excellent – original

Included case


Optional case (plus 150€)


Optional case (plus 500 €)

BAM Panther 8002XLB Hightech

Video recorded with strings

Solera Flamenca "Alma" by Vicente Amigo (Nylon)