“ME ENGAÑÓ LA VERDAD”: A new single from Jerónimo Maya on iTunes and Spotify!!

You already have this song available on the Spotify and iTunes platforms “ME ENGAÑÓ LA VERDAD”, a new soleá single by the genius Jerónimo Maya that is part of the live recordings that have been produced at Solera Flamenca.

As part of Jerónimo Maya’s new album project ‘COTO CERRAO’, we decided to include some of the guitarist’s audiovisual productions recorded at Solera Flamenca, with that essential and unique magic that live music has. ‘ME ENGAÑÓ LA VERDAD’ is a beautiful soleá that was recorded with the collaboration of the amazing cantaor (singer) ‘Salao’ in December 2018.

With this there are now five songs that you can listen to on the Spotify and iTunes platforms along with “Tangos del Punjab”, “Laberinto”, “La Luz del Amanecer” and “Rumba Akais”. Five songs that are part of the album “COTO CERRAO”, an ambitious recording project featuring the guitar of Jerónimo Maya produced by Solera Flamenca and Pedro Javier González that will be released very soon! In this new and interesting album by the guitar prodigy we will find a Jerónimo Maya in his purest state, with the ‘flamencura’ (flamenco groove or grace) that has always characterised his genuine and personal playing, accompanying and fusing the most traditional flamenco with the purest rap style.