Now for real… We are presenting all of you Solera Flamenca Village!

On Solera Flamenca we are really excited about being able to show all of you our latest project, the most important one, our biggest ambition so far, after more than ten years since we started.
This is Solera Flamenca Village! Welcome.

In a field of over 13000 square metres surrounded by nature, premises of 120 square metres, “dressed” as a typical patio from Cordoba, with its fountain, geraniums, arabesque tiles… and on top of it all, a wall painting made by Ana Repullo, where some of the most relevant flamenco guitar figures ever have been included.

Behind one of the doors of this little “village”, the real jewel crown hides: Solera Flamenca: a room of 60 square metres with a glass cabinet with our most valuable gems: our guitars, waiting for their future owners, to make them dream until the end of time. At the bottom of this room we have made a stage where, as we can tell you in advance, great performances will take place. They will be go down in history, and in a really near future!

Solera Flamenca Village is undoubtedly the new temple of flamenco guitar. Let us put it this way: We keep our very essence, only in a much bigger perfume bottle. A unique place, located in an idyllic area with endless possibilities for the creation of our new projects, where imagination is our only limit… From Solera to the sky!

For the inauguration of Solera Flamenca Village, we invited the very best guitar makers in our country, which had never been done before in history. We are sure that this will be a hallmark in flamenco guitar-making history: Francisco, Juan y Javier Barba, Felipe Conde y Felipe Conde Crespo, Francisco Sánchez, Pedro Muriel, Jesús de Jiménez, Jerónimo Pérez, Víctor Quintanilla, José Salinas, José A. Villalba, Gerundino Hijo, Ignacio Paricio, Javier Castaño, Sergio Valverde. To all of you, thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for attending this event , and especially, thank you for your talent. It could not have been possible without you. This will always be your house.

Of course, in every party, it is music that must not be missed. For this event, we have gathered a top-notch set of artists: Jerónimo Maya and El Perla with the guitar, Ingueta Rubio, Salao, Morenito de Illora and María del Tango (singing), apart from Alba Bioque´s performance, along with Jerónimo, both of whom improvised two beautiful tunes… UNBEATABLE!

To finish this piece of news, we will now leave you with a little teaser of this great inauguration event, and we annouce you this flamenco show has been recorded. Consequently, it goes without saying we will show it all to you, step by step.