Pepe Fernández & Potito: “Verónica”, an advance of his album “Cautivao”

After two months since the beginning of the state of emergency decreed in Spain, the French guitarist Pepe Fernández is publishing one of the tunes in his latest album, “Cautivao”.

Pepe Fernández is a guitarist born in France, in a gipsy family with background from Granada. The sense of rhythm and creative skills of this young guitarist are simply dazzling. Ever since he recorded one of our first productions, along with Israel Suárez aka Piraña and Antonio aka Agujetas Chico, around five years ago, he has been more and more widely known in today´s flamenco outlook.

In 2020, the artist is releasing his first album, “Cautivao”, indeed one of the albums flamenco lovers have been looking forward to. Solera Flamenca is delighted to have participated in it, of course. In this album, there have been plenty of top-notch collaborations, such as: Potito, Josemi Carmona, Piraña, La Fabi, Kiki Cortiñas, Rycardo Moreno, Los Makarines… among others.

From this album we are bringing you “Verónica”: an advance which the guitarist himself wanted to share with all of you through channels like YouTube and digital platforms. This is a masterful composition to the rhythm of bulerias, dedicated to his mother. In this tune, he leans on the special collaboration of the singer Antonio Vargas aka Potito, accompanied by the percussion of Israel Suárez aka Piraña and José Manuel Fernández aka Tobalo. This piece, composed by the artist himself, intends to transmit the greatest and purest feeling of all: our love for a mother.