Rodrigo González Mendiondo & David Domínguez: “Pan y Agua”, a new production by Solera Flamenca RECORDS

From Solera Flamenca RECORDS we are delighted to present “Pan y Agua” (Bread and Water), a beautiful composition of bulerias by the young guitarist Rodrigo González Mendiondo, with maestro David Domínguez as a percussionist.

Rodrigo is a guitar maestro from Argentina who we have been following for a long time and thanks to some concerts he had scheduled in our country we have been able to take advantage of it to bring him to Solera Flamenca and offer you a production with him!

Rodrigo González Mendiondo graduated as a popular music interpreter at SADEM school (Trade Union for Argentinian musicians) and specialized in flamenco guitar with two maestros in Buenos Aires: Quique de Córdoba and David Amaya. In Spain, he attended classes with Eduardo Rebollar.

Along his career, he took part in several important events and shows, such as:

2020. “Fuego flamenco”, with Baldomero Cádiz, directed by Jorge Mazzini. Regina Theatre, CABA.

2019. “Intrépida” with Rocío Bazán, tour around Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Uruguay.
“Fiesta flamenca”, directed by Jorge Mazzini, Astral Theatre, CABA.
“Flamenco bajo las estrellas”, directed by Jorge Mazzini, Museum of Arte Larreta, CABA.
“Cádiz se bebe el sol”, by Claudia Cruz, tour around Buenos Aires , Córdoba, Rosario and Entre Ríos.
“David Palomar en Argentina”, Andalusian Circle of Córdoba. 2018-2017.
“Llego con tres heridas”, with Natalia Meiriño and Jesule de Utrera, Cultural Centre Borges, CABA.


A lo largo de su carrera ha participado en importantes eventos y espectáculos como:

2020. “Fuego flamenco”, con Baldomero Cádiz, dirigido por Jorge Mazzini Teatro Regina, CABA.

2019. “Intrépida” con Rocío Bazán, gira por Buenos Aires, Córdoba y Uruguay.
“Fiesta flamenca”, dirigido por Jorge Mazzini, Teatro Astral, CABA.
“Flamenco bajo las estrellas”, dirigido por Jorge Mazzini, Museo de Arte Larreta, CABA.
“Cádiz se bebe el sol”, de Claudia Cruz, gira por Buenos Aires , Córdoba, Rosario y Entre Ríos. “David Palomar en Argentina”, Círculo Andaluz de Córdoba. 2018-2017.
“Llego con tres heridas”, con Natalia Meiriño y Jesule de Utrera, Centro Cultural Borges, CABA.

2016. “Antonio Canales en Buenos Aires”, El Cubo Theatre, CABA.

2014 “Festival de Teatro de La Habana” with Marcela Suez, Cuba.

2013. “Fiesta Flamenca”, directed by Jorge Mazzini, Astral Theatre, CABA.
“Carmen, La Talegona, en Buenos Aires”, El Cubo Theatre, CABA.

2012. “Festival de la Junta de Andalucía”, with Leonor Leal, Tandil.

2011. II Flamenco Biennial in Buenos Aires, CABA.

2010 “Flamenco!”, directed by Jorge Mazzini, Astral Theatre and Avenida Theatre, CABA.

2009 “Dardos al corazón”, by Rafael Amargo, La Trastienda, CABA. “Flamenco International Biennial”, Buenos Aires City Government, with Enrique Morente, CABA.

Additionally, he published two more albums:”Mineros” edited in 2002 and “Rodrigo González” edited in 2011, recorded in Buenos Aires, mixed and mastered in Spain. The CD release event took place at the ND Ateneo.

We hope you enjoy this production as much as we do. We also wish you keep an eye on this great production and this artist´s fantastic work. From Solera Flamenca, we predict a bright and thriving future for him, indeed.