RYCARDO MORENO: Andrómeda and Adagio of Aranjuez

Due to the lockdown, albums factories have been closed temporarily. As a result, Rycardo Moreno´s latest album, “MIESENCIA”, in principle due for May, has been postponed until September.

Therefore, the artist has decided to publish a little advance of one of the videos belonging to this album. It is a composition by Rycardo himself, along with an arrangement and revision of Maestro Rodrigo´s masterpiece,: Adagio of Aranjuez. ENJOY IT!!

Rycardo Moreno Montiel, a flamenco and jazz guitarist, was born in a gipsy family in 1981.

He started in music at the age of 11, accompanying his grandmother, “Pepa la Cartuja”, by singing. He developed his career as a creator, musical producer, composer, arranger and guitarist in the tours of many artists, such as Dorantes, Lebrijano, Tomas de Perrate, Raimundo Amador, Yelsy Heredia, Esperanza Fernández, Javier Ruibal, or Lole Montoya, among many others.

It’s in 2014 Maestro Gerardo Núñez, having heard of his project, encourages and invites him to present it in Gerardo Núñez’s 1st International Guitar Festival. It opened him the doors of the record label Nuba Records / Karonte, which would publish his album “VAREKAI” in 2015, which he would use in order to take part in Sevilla’s Flamenco Biennial in 2016.