Santiago Lara: «Concuerda», bulerías for the release of his YouTube channel

This week Solera Flamenca is bringing you a very special video of Santiago Lara, the maestro of the sonanta. It is a buleria the artist specifically recorded for the release of his YouTube channel. From Solera Flamenca we do encourage all of you to subscribe his channel so that you can keep yourselves up to date, as regards this guitarist´s new posts and productions. YOU CAN ACCESS BY CLICKING ON THE FOLLOWING IMAGE.

For this recording, Santiago Lara is accompanied by Antonio Gonzalez (guitar) and Perico Navarro (percussion).

There is no doubt Santiago Lara is regarded as one of the most important names in this new generation of flamenco guitarists. Born in Jerez, he was awarded at the age of 30 with some of the most prestigious guitar awards, such as Seville biennial and the Cordoba´s Flamenco National Contest 2013 (2nd position).

Santiago Lara is a producer, composer and musical director. He has already released three albums. He has travelled all five continents, accompanying maestro Manolo Sanlucar, participating in his recordings and tours with the symphonic orchestra. In addition, he composes music for every single show of the renowed dancer Mercedes Ruiz, with whom he has worked in several tours all around the world.

Along with these two great artists, he has played in such prestigious concert halls, such as Teatro Real (Madrid), Queen Elizabeth Theatre (London), Theatre de la Ville (Paris), Maison de la danse (Lyon), Ewerk (Berlin)… As a soloist, he has performed in other world-class venues, such as the Bimhuis (Amsterdam) or the International House of Music (Moscow)… among others.

Regarding his performances, it is worth mentioning his participation in Seville Biennial and Cordoba Guitar Festival. As a producer, apart from his own albums, he has worked on three albums for singers of the new generation, like José Lara, Londro and David Lagos. Santiago, a serious and devoted artist, is known for his constant development of his own music language, fairly easy to recognize as soon as he starts playing.

As a soloist, he has performed in plenty of different contests and venues, such as Jerez Festival, Seville Biennial, Cordoba Guitar Festival, Cajasol Flamenco Thursdays, Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival, (France), Tampere Flamenco Festival (Finland), “Queretaro Flamenco Festival” (Mexico), “Bimhuis” in Amsterdam, Music House in Moscú, the German Embassy or London Flamenco Festival, among others.

Withour further ado, we will now leave you with the video… enjoy it!