Solera Flamenca IRAN

From Solera Flamenca we would like to present all guitar lovers of the Iranian community our latest project, “Solera Flamenca IRAN”, an initiative which arises from the need to make it easier to acquire one of our instruments from Iran: for instance, the paperwork of the purchase and transport, which is quite complicated and risky at the moment.

Solera Flamenca IRAN is a project for which we count on Puneh Farhani´s collaboration. She has been a great friend of ours for a long time, born in Teherán and living in Barcelona, really close to us, and with all our trust to manage all the necessary operations, from contacting customers to handling the transport and commercial operations via email:

Without further ado, we will now leave you with the video where all the information is detailed, subtitled by Jordi Franco, and by Puneh Farhani in farsi.