«TABLAO DE LA MORERÍA»: The second official transcription of the album “Pureza y Solera” by Jerónimo Maya is now available

We are presenting you the transcription of «TABLAO DE LA MORERÍA», a beautiful bulería in E Major, which Jerónimo dedicates to the legendary tablao “El Corral de la Morería”, in Madrid. This is a tablao which he knows quite well, as he spent most of his childhood there with his father, Felipe Maya, working and learning every day from all the artists on stage all along these years.

This beautiful buleria, somewhere between jaleos from Extremadura and the sound from Moron de la Frontera, proves how versatile Jerónimo was, gracefully moving between the immense variety of metals within flamenco, and in turn within the same flamenco subgenre. This variety is determined by its geographical origin, thus creating a sort of palette full of colours, with, for instance, bulerias from Moron, and from Jerez, for us to distinguish

This transcription is the second one of this new project which we are starting together, along with Miguel Garcia Sempere, creator of the website and YouTube channel “FALSETASPOR”, which plans to transcribe every single tune in Jerónimo Maya´s album «PUREZA Y SOLERA».An album which will be released at the end of this year, 2022. Some songs are being uploaded in audiovisual format onto the YouTube platform.

Without further ado, here you are: the link to access the platform: