TATI AMAYA at Solera Flamenca

This week Solera Flamenca is featuring for you the guitar of Luís Santiago, also known as “El Tati”, one of the greatest representatives of the new generation of flamenco guitar.

Luís Santiago “El Tati” started his career a the age of 12, at first as a percussionist, and later as a guitarist, accompanying his parents, Mercedes Amaya and the guitarist Santiago Aguilar.

El Tati is grandson to Antonia, one of the sisters of Carmen Amaya. She remained in Mexico, searching for the stability which she didn´t find in “La Capitana” tours. Her father, Santiago Aguilar, a Mexican, fell in love with his teacher´s daughter the same day he crossed the door of Antonia´s dancing school.

From Solera Flamenca we do wish him the very best of luck in his musical career, as he is such a humble and warm person. These qualities are reflected on his music in general, and the way he plays the guitar in particular.

He is currently immersed in a new musical project, along with the flamenco dancer Karime Amaya, his sister. Besides, Antonio Rey, the guitarist, takes part in this project, too. An unprecedented flamenco show which will start in November, and where we will be able to enjoy his playing, his skills, his art… a priceless experience you can´t miss!

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