The virtuosity of José Fermín Fernández lands on Solera Flamenca!

Solera Flamenca is delighted to present to you this new production featuring the young guitarist José Fermín Fernández, an artist we have been following for years and whom we were eager to bring to Solera Flamenca to meet in person and enjoy his art. His way of playing, with such confidence and virtuosity, is truly exceptional and left us amazed from the very beginning, confirming why he is quickly becoming one of the most popular and recognized guitarists in the current flamenco scene. José Fermín is a master with the guitar, both in skill and as a person, and he won’t need luck to reach the highest levels in the world of flamenco guitar.

In this new production, José Fermín presents us with a masterful composition of soleá por bulerías accompanied by the palmas and jaleos of Diego Amaya and Lua.

José Fermín Fernández, a flamenco guitarist born in 1995 in Iznalloz, Granada, comes from a family of flamenco artists. He began learning the guitar on his own and later received professional training in tablaos and flamenco caves in Granada, acquiring the skills to accompany singing and dancing.

Later on, he joined the tablao ‘Casa del Arte Flamenco’, where he accompanied renowned figures such as Belén López, Miguel “El Rubio,” and Karime Amaya.

In 2016, he was invited by the dancer Juan Andrés Maya to the famous flamenco tablao “Corral de la Morería” in Madrid, where he shared the stage with artists like “El Perrete” and Belén López.

In 2019, he made a significant breakthrough in his career by winning two important international flamenco competitions: the Bordón Minero of the Festival de las Minas de la Unión and the first prize in the prestigious Certamen Nacional de Córdoba, which had a great impact on the flamenco scene in Granada.

José has accompanied prominent flamenco figures such as ‘Potito,’ ‘La Nitra,’ ‘Guadiana,’ Sergio ‘El Colorao,’ Jaime ‘El Parrón,’ Marina Heredia, Manolete, ‘La Farruca,’ ‘El Farru,’ ‘El Carpeta,’ Rafael Amargo, Antonio Canales, Luis de Luis, Pepe Torres, Gema Moneo, Juan Ángel Tirado, and Antonio Campos.

Currently, he is the main guitarist at Casa Ana, where he accompanies dancers such as Raquel Heredia ‘La Repompa,’ José Núñez, and Saray Fernández ‘La Pitita.’ In addition to his performances in clubs, theaters, and venues, José also teaches flamenco, offering courses in Spain and various foreign countries.

He resides in Granada, where he directs the Tablao Flamenco Casa Ana, sharing the stage with artists like Gema Moneo, Fuensanta ‘La Moneta,’ Paloma Fantova, Pastora Galván, Karime Amaya, and Pepe Torres.

Without further ado, we present this new production that we are confident will leave no one indifferent!