Victor Franco

Born in Cádiz in 1999, he started playing the guitar at the age of 11, with Antonio Ferreira, with whom he would take his first steps. He would later learn Ferreira would be his mentor from then on, learning the essence of his playing, love for the melody, his taste and expressivity…

Ever since he was a kid, he fell in love with flamenco and the guitar of maestro Paco de Lucía, Riqueni or Vicente Amigo, being influenced by their talent, and quenching his thirst for music with an increasing number of role models. Through Juan Gómez he meets maestro Isidro Muñoz, who observed and corrected him continuously, thus becoming one of the most important people in his life ever since he held a guitar for the very first time. Juan Gómez, consequently, is a key figure if we mean to understand the way Victor Franco understands music. Then, he met Juan Diego Mateos, maestro from Jerez (Cadiz), whose ideas become an essential pillar for Víctor´s guitar, as well as constant inspiration regarding composition.