WE ALREADY HAVE THE 10 FINALISTS !!! «I International Contest by Solera Flamenca (Year 2021 premio Solera Award of bulerias, Lebrija Town)».

It is getting closer: The “I International Contest by Solera Flamenca is coming (Year 2021 premio Solera Award of bulerias, Lebrija Town)”. Below we present the name and surname of the 10 artists selected for the final of the Contest.

We want to remember that the jury for the final phase of the contest will be made up of renowned people in the world of flamenco. In particular, the guitarists Gerardo Núñez, Pedro María Peña and the journalist and flamenco critic Manuel Martín.

The contest will take place, should the pandemic allow it, on 30 January 2021 at 12h, and will finish at 13:30h, when the jury will leave in order to deliberate. In the meantime, there will be a performance by the guitarist ANTONIO JERO, accompannied by the palmas y jaleos (clapping and signing) of JUAN DIEGO and MANUEL VALENCIA, all of which will be hosted by MANUEL CURAO.

Given the current situation, the performances will be held without an audience and BOTH THE CONTEST AND ANTONIO JERO´S PERFORMANCE WILL BE BROADCAST ON STREAMING, and you will be able to watch all of it through the links we will publish on social media on the same day of the event.

These are the names of the ten finalists, selected by an anonymous jury of nine people.

Juan Moreno Fernández; Fuengirola (Málaga)

Yair Ferber; (Sevilla)

Juan Manuel Moreno; Carcaboso (Cáceres)

Juan Antonio Moya; (Barcelona)

Antonio Abellán; (Barcelona)

Jose Manuel Martinez Muñoz; (Alicante)

Antonio Ñoño; (Sevilla)

José María Lorite García “Macareno”; (Cordoba)

Joaquin Moreno Moreno; (Mallorca)

Luis Carrasco; (Lebrija)