We present our new project… Solera Flamenca RECORDS!

Solera Flamenca Records is a new Project which, in a sort of unintentional way, had been taking shape inside our minds, and is finally coming true. This is a Project we initiate with the utmost excitement, intending to show the world our love for flamenco, in the purest and most natural way we can.

The main goal is to offer artists a way to create and spread their musical project at an affordable price, getting them different tolos, such as instruments, advertising, marketing, trips, stays… with the guarantee of a renowned firm, such as Solera Flamenca, with a consolidated impact on the Internet, at website level, social networks or YouTube.

What makes Solera Flamenca Records different from the rest of firms is the fact that all our tunes will be recorded on video and audio on our studio, which is regarded by many as a flamenco temple, with live sound, with no tracks, with this indescribable magic of live performances.

Now we will show you a Project produced in the same way as they will be carried out through Solera Flamenca Records, regarding lighting and stage… ENJOY IT!

Without further ado, you can now Access the main page of the project, where the conditions, modes and development of these projects are detailed. You can access that from the following image or from the upper menú, on SF Records section.