YERAI CORTÉS & PIRAÑA: Bulerías in Solera Flamenca

This week on Solera Flamenca we bring you Yerai Cortés´s flamenco guitar. He is a really young guitarist with a dazzling sense of rhythm and creativity. He has also become an outstanding artist with a bright future. A status which is well-deserved, indeed.

For this recording, Yerai Cortés is accompanied by Israel Suárez´s percussion (aka Piraña). There is no need for introduction of this world-famous genius of percussion, who has worked with the most important artists of his time , such as Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito… and many others.

Yerai Cortés was born on 24 May 1995 in Alicante. His passion for flamenco was inherited from his family. Specifically from his father, Miguel, who taught him how to play the guitar, and also from his mother, Maria, who instilled her passion for music in him. He currently lives in Madrid, where his career would start in the best flamenco tablaos in town, like Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, Casa Patas, or Corral de la Moreria, among others. He also worked in theatres, such as Teatro de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Teatro Coliseum (Barcelona), Teatro Lope de Vega (Sevilla), and some others.

Along his career he has accompanied several great artists: La negra, La Tana, Richard Bona, Marcos Flores, Alfonso Losa, Manuel Liñan, Bautista sisters, Chuchito Valdés, Javier Colina, or Farruquito, among others. He also writes and performs songs, such as «La Zapatera» by Juan Debel & Yerai Cortes, part of the show «FlamenKlorica» by Vanesa Coloma. He is indeed a lover of good music and creativity.

In today´s production we offer you a wonderful bulería merging beautiful tunes and a vertiginous sense of rhythm, accompanied by the percussion of maestro Israel Suárez (aka Piraña). A video recorded with a guitar made by the maker Pedro Muriel 2018. An incredible guitar with a really powerful and flamenco sound, just like our protagonist.