BARCELONA GUITAR TRIO on Solera Flamenca: New production

This week, on Solera Flamenca, we present you a very special production: “BARCELONA GUITAR TRIO”, comprised of three great guitar maestros with a long career behind them.

A production which has been possible thanks to the collaboration with the firm POEMA SL, which have been working for almost twenty years, ever since they got started. They work in and out of Spain, representing several artists, and performing musical shows in different formats. They are responsible for shows like “Versus”, of the quartet Barcelona 4 Guitars, and “Tribute to Paco de Lucía“, from Barcelona Guitar Trio. They are also responsible for the the well-known guitar festival Maestros of the Guitar and Mestres al Palau, the latter collaborating with the Palau de la Música Catalana.

Manuel González: Born in Barcelona, he devoted his life to the Spanish guitar. He developed his unique style under the supervision and friendship of people like José Tomás, Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, David Russell and Manuel Barrueco. His solo performances, such as two of them in the United Nations Headquarters (New York), did not go unnoticed for media such as the New York times, El País or the magazine Royal Classics, being praised by personalities such as Frederic Mompou, Joan Ginjoan or Russell himself.

Among his artistic legacy, Manuel González was one of the founders of the Luthier school, in Barcelona, which has trained several generations of musicians after decades of activity. Due to his work as a guitarist, he won the “Generalitat de Catalunya” award. In addition, he had the honor of being the the first Catalan guitar performer who played, as a soloist, in the Palau de la Música Catalana after 50 years.

Xavier Coll: maestro Xavier Coll was born in Barcelona, where he got initiated, after graduating in the Upper Music Conservatory in this city. He has also done some studies on historical instruments, such as the tiorba, the vihuela or the baroque guitar, under the supervision of figures like Rolf Lislevand, Hopkinson Smith and Jordi Savall. He has been awarded several prizes in the domain of Spanish guitar, which he has played all around the world.

He has worked with several orchestras, such as Andorra National Orchestra, and Le Concert des Nations, the latter being conducted by Savall, with whom he has also worked in the recoding of the DVD of the opera L’Orfeo de Monteverdi, produced by the BBC. He is currently a chamber music teacher in Catalonia Upper Music School. He offers performances, interpreting Alonso Mudarra or Roland Dyens, among others, in the festival Maestros de la Guitarra, where he also plays the guitar as a member of the praised projects Barcelona 4 Guitars and Barcelona Guitar Trio.

Luis Robisco: A musician of exquisite classical education, Luis Robisco delivers simple but elegant tunes, mated with classical flamenco variants and the fusion of the preceding maestros. This Catalan musician is one of the few guitar performers capable of shining in different styles, from pop to jazz, or from classical to flamenco guitar.

His solo concerts are a journey from the purest flamenco to current fusion-flamenco compositions of his own, also performing some of the most beautiful works of the Spamish classical repertoire.

Without further ado, we will now leave you with these two productions recorded by the three maestros in our Solera Flamenca studio. We promise you nobody will be left indifferent, that´s for sure. ENJOY IT!