BREAKING NEWS on Solera Flamenca!: The only sequoia guitars made by Francisco Barba… they are already here!

These last two guitars we received from Francisco Barba, a white one and a black one, are really special, really exclusive. Well, we have the two only guitars made with sequoia wood by the maestro! “But what´s their sound like?” you must be asking yourselves. Well, we can tell you they sound wonderfully, as expected. However, their sound quality is even more flamenco, as provided by this wood which is part of a project of ours. This project started two years ago, when we delivered some really exclusive sets of more than 60-year curated wood among our very best guitar makers, who, in turn, created some of the best guitars possible for our customers and friends of Solera Flamenca. (READ ARTICLE).

The comfort provided is simply A+, the best of the best, which has always captivated us. The trebles are crystal-clear, really powerful, with “dry” bass strings, as well as a really “thick” and “macho” sound, all of which make these two instruments a real gem of Spanish guitar making.

For the event of the collection of the guitar, we arranged a fantastic meeting with Francisco Barba and his two sons, Juan and Paco Barba. A really nice and funny meeting among friends, where we got crazy, so excited, testing these two works of art, being completely incapable of finding any reason at all to say one of the guitars was better than the other in any sense!

We are particularly proud to offer these two guitars, historical instruments, on Solera Flamenca, and we are convinced their new owner will find in them such an special instrument which will make them happy for a lifetime. ENJOY IT!